PS3 Downgrade Tool v1,2 Beta - downgrade to any ofw with usb stick (no e3 flasher)

This is a tool made by ROGERO that can downgrade any OFW ps3 to 3.55cfw, using a unique method of opening a mp3 file on your ps3. You need to download the files below and do as the video explains.

1: Download the files that you need.
2: Copy "lvl1.mp3" and "lvl2diag.PSS" in a folder called LVLDIAG inside your USB Flash Drive."USB Flash Drive/PS3/LVLDIAG"
3: Copy the PS3 FIRMWARE that you have downloaded at "USB Flash Drive/PS3/UPDATE"
5. Disconnect from the internet.
4: Put the flash drive on the second USB port of your PS3, go to music click display all and play the lvl1.mp3 file.
5: Wait about 10-15 mins for file to restore PS3 Bios to 3.55 and done! :)

Creator: ROGERO
Last Update: 29 January 2015
Works on: Any OFW - From 4.66/4.65, 4.50,4.40 4.31 4.30 4.25 4.21 4.20 4.11 3.73 3.72 3.66 3.65 to 3.55
Size: 1,83mb



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